Pam Green is an absolutely amazing dog trainer and person.  She truly cares about helping her clients bond with their dogs and assists in turning them into a well-behaved member of their family.  She goes the extra mile, inviting phone calls and questions outside of class, and is truly dedicated to creating a lasting bond between an owner and their K-9 companion. Pam doesn’t just train dogs; she trains owners so they can train their dogs. I’m one of those people with little natural skill in dog training, despite the fact that I am a huge dog lover.  I attended all the obedience classes (a couple of times) with our precocious Lab and called Pam outside of class frustrated to the point of tears a few times when he was a puppy.  Although I’m sure I was a very high maintenance client, she never made me feel that way and was always gracious and generous with her time.  Since the first day we came to her puppy obedience class, Pam has been a continual source of education and support, not just in class, but also throughout the years with our dog.  She spent a lot of extra time with me, helping me understand my dog and showing me how to use the best methods to rear and train him into being the most wonderful dog I could have ever asked for.  She helped me train him in such a way that created a soul-to-soul bond between us that lasted throughout his life.   I am certain that my relationship with my dog would have never survived long enough for us to enjoy all the wonderful, cherished years we shared together, had it not been for Pam’s dedicated, continuous help and support. You won’t find a more expert, dedicated dog trainer.  I highly recommend Pam and the K-9 Education Center staff to anyone who wants to train, socialize, and bond with their dog. 

~Rebecca Bicandi

Dog Training With Results
"I sought out Pam's services and expertise to help me with my Australian Shepherd, Flash. He was a barking, lunging, reactive mess. Through her guidance and lots of hard work, he is now a better, happier dog because of the training he's received, and has even gone on to earn his Canine Good Citizen certificate as well as successfully competed in Rally Obedience, and has earned three first places! Thanks Pam"!

~Kate Picket, Boise Idaho

“If I could use only one word to describe Pam Green it would be respect. With the first class I took from Pam, I quickly realized I could expect to learn a great deal about dog training; Pam respects her students and the endless questions that can arise about dog training. I am respectfully Pam’s friend, student and fellow trainer.”

~Tammy Wallace, Director of Helping Idaho Dogs
"I've had three dogs that I've taken to Pam for training. She's taught me to communicate with my dog, not just to train her. She's the best"!

~Lee Spann, Eagle Idaho

"Pam has the ability to break each and every exercise down so I can really understand how to teach my dogs. Pam has introduced me to the wonderful world of obedience, and I realize that obedience is a dance with my dog, and should be done with the utmost joy.  Pam has such a vast knowledge of training, and a willingness to share all she knows. Her heart is huge and her passion for the joy in dog training is truly unique. Pam paved the way for my puppy and I to enjoy the partnership we share today".

~Julie Bender, Developer of the PawsAbilities Youth Program, Nampa Idaho